Our Structure

The Directorate of ICT is led by Director, the Directorate comprise of two Departments with sections each led by a senior technology officer. All of our services reside in the two sections as below;

Department of Technical Support Services (TSS)

The Department is responsible for specification, standardization, acquisition, deployment, support services for ICT equipment and management of a secure ICT network and web services. The sections and services are:

Department of Management Information Services and Research (MISR)

The Department is responsible for information systems development, applied research, innovations and business development of efficient and competitive ICT solutions for the University and the wider national and international market.

ICT Committee Members

Mandate of the ICT Committee
The Kyambogo University ICT Committee mandate is to:

  • Advising the university on all relevant matters pertaining to the development and promotion of ICT in the university.
  • Coordinating, directing and implementing anchor ICT projects within the university Members of the of ICT Committee