Frequently Asked Questions

The Directorate of the ICT and Services (DICTS) of Kyambogo University is generally charged with the responsibilities of deploying ICT infrastructure and services for administration, teaching, research and learning to the University at large.

Physical Address: Kyambogo University Main Campus, Jinja Road, Rack Building Complex, First Floor above Sociology Department, Room No. 323. We also have a help desk near faculty of the Building in the East end.

Rack Building Complex, First Floor, +44 (0) 203 116 7711

Web services Development, Installation and support (Payment Ref No., Online admissions, Results management, Online Timetable, E-Voting, Fees verification, Registration cards and Transcript Printing, photo taking and Id printing etc.)

  • Email services
  • Network and Internet Service
  • Systems Development
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • User training and support
  • VOIP connection and Support

Assistance on all the services or clarification can be got at our help center next to the Faculty of Arts in the East end.

Using our contact information above you can contact DICTS and your query will be handled as soon as possible. The other way is coming to our offices fill a request form also found at our office and an officer will be assigned to assist you.

The person assigned to you may contact you and or provide you with their contact information in order to easily follow up.

All our ICT officers and their assistants can direct you to the person who can directly assist you. Our help desk is located near Faculty of Arts in the East end.

Wired and Wireless

To get connected on the university network, you have to be a student, staff or Visitor.

Our ICT officers will provide you with the necessary information, including how you can get wired network, wireless or the password for access.  This may sometime require filling request forms and submitting them for proper allocation and follow up.

The Equipment and Maintenance department is well trained to perform this task when contacted.

You may be required to fill and submit a request from for proper follow up.

Provision of reliable ICT solutions to market that can generate income and market the University.

“To develop, deploy and support innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the changing learning, teaching, research, outreach activities and management needs of the University”.