The Directorate of ICTS, Kyambogo University was started as a project in 2011 and approved by the University Council in December 2014 and is one of the directorates under the office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Finance and Administration. The Directorate provides ICT Services to all Staff (Teaching& Non-Teaching) and Students across all University Departments/Sections at all its campuses and centers.

Since its inception, the Directorate has grown tremendously in order to accommodate increasing students’ population and it currently has two departments with five sections, namely:


The Directorate strives to achieve unrivalled efficiency and effectiveness in its service delivery thereby creating a conducive environment for learning and research as well as University administration and as a result, helping to raise Kyambogo University to a world Class University.

Our Mission and Vision

“To premier the university into academic excellence through utilization of ICTs”.

“To develop, deploy and support innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the changing learning, teaching, research, outreach activities and management needs of the University”.

The Directorate Team shall:

  • Strive to abide by the virtues of integrity, honesty, professionalism and equity in all activities
  • Strive to provide equitable ICT support services to all university community with specific attention to persons with special needs.
  • Commit to working as a team, with broad-based consultation
  • Embrace excellence, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Endeavor to carry out duties with commitment, dedication and professionalism
  • Maintain a sense of self-respect, discipline, responsibility and institutional loyalty
  • Strive to be a center for ICT knowledge production other than knowledge consumption
  • Service Delivery and Support:
    Our core business is to use ICT for the efficient and effective delivery of services to all stakeholders in the University.
  • System Development and Automation:
    The Directorate strives to ensure that university systems accommodate and facilitate changes that reflect changing institutional, staff and student needs
  • ICT infrastructure Development:
    Provision of reliable ICT infrastructure support provides highly accessible and efficient use of ICT for learning, teaching and administration.
  • Business Development

    Provision of reliable ICT solutions to market that can generate income and market the University.

The following shall be the specific functions:

  • To provide sufficient and inclusive ICT services to the university
  • To ensure the entire university has Wireless Internet Services
  • To implement dependable network Infrastructure within the university
  • To advance growth and expansion of the university through adoption of new technologies
  • To ensure reliable software and hardware is deployed in the university
  • To build enabling ICT policy environment
  • To design and implement information systems in the University
  • To provide technical advice on disposal of e-waste.
  • To enhance competitiveness and corporate image of the University by improving on ranking and Client Satisfaction
  • Establish and maintain linkages and collaborations with ICT industry players in order to foster research and business development