Network Infrastructure and Security (NIS) Section

Ethernet and Wireless connectivity

The Directorate facilitates acquiring of bandwidth, laying of fiber, structured cabling and installation of access points across the University. We are actively involved in network design, network security, and preparation of bills of quantities for networking and provision of technical specifications for network equipment. All this is geared towards making internet available at every corner of the University. Eduroam (Education on roaming) is a WIFI service that can be accessed all over the University by staff and Students using their login credentials.

Security Systems

The Directorate also installed and facilitated the use of CCTV cameras in order to improve security in the university premises.  The equipment is currently managed by the security office in the office of the University secretary but still maintained by DICTS. This also includes securing of the data center.

Network Infrastructure and Security (NIS) Section Key roles:-

  • Planning, installation, support, maintenance and continuous improvement of the University communication infrastructure.
  • Provision of internet/bandwidth
  • Access to the University network is as per the network access policy.
  • Administration of Eduroam (education in roaming) WIFI
  • Installation of modern security systems
  • Network connectivity to campuses
  • Structured cabling
  • The physical security of all computing and communication premises, computers, communication equipment and appliances, transmission paths and peripherals, security of all storage media for data, system software, application software and documentation, power systems supplying electrical power to network communication and computer systems.
  • The logical security of data, information and information processing resources such as databases, computer programs, email records, servers, routers, switches and other network appliances.
  • This section is also concerned with End Point Security/AV Systems, Network Security, IPS/IDS Systems, Threat Management and VPN