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Sections in DICTS

Networks, Infrastructure & System Services

Discover how we keep Kyambogo connected and running smoothly with our Network, Infrastructure & System Services. From reliable Wi-Fi to efficient IT systems, we’re here to support your digital needs.

Media & Web Services

Explore how we enhance Kyambogo’s online presence and multimedia capabilities with our Media & Web Services. From engaging websites to multimedia support, we’re dedicated to amplifying your digital impact.

Discover how Kyambogo University’s DICTS Maintenance Section ensures peak performance and reliability of ICT equipment, providing essential support for seamless university operations.

Management information system (mis)

Discover how our Management Information System (MIS) streamlines data management for Kyambogo University. From organizing information to facilitating decision-making, we’re here to support efficiency across the board.

Telephone Equipment & Support Services

Explore our Telephone Equipment & Support Services tailored to keep Kyambogo connected. From reliable phone systems to responsive support, we ensure seamless communication campus-wide.

Research, Innovations & Business Development

Discover how we support research, innovation, and business growth at Kyambogo University. From driving new ideas to helping businesses succeed, we’re here to foster progress.

ICT Committee Members

Mandate of the ICT Committee
The Kyambogo University ICT Committee mandate is to:

  • Advising the university on all relevant matters pertaining to the development and promotion of ICT in the university.
  • Coordinating, directing and implementing anchor ICT projects within the university Members of the of ICT Committee